Intimate events to relish a lifetime


Imagine laughter echoing through our walls, intimate and moving celebrations, and delicious flavors tantalizing your taste buds. Casa Arca becomes an extension of your joy, weaving together personalized touches and genuine hospitality to ensure your small celebration is brimming with meaning and emotion. Let us transform your vision into a cherished memory, book your special occasion at Casa Arca today.


Intimate Events at the Terrace

As the warm sun dips below the horizon, casting an ethereal glow, Casa Arca's poolside terrace transforms into an intimate haven for your special gathering. Guests mingle by the edge of the pool, their reflections dancing on the water's surface. In this idyllic setting, every detail conspires to create an unforgettable evening, filled with heartfelt moments and genuine connection.

Casa Arca Terrace

Capacity 40 pax
Coctel capacity 70 pax
A 22 suites buy out for two nights is necessary to host an event with us
Events at the terrace can extend until midnight


Casa Arca Restaurant

A beautiful interior courtyard bathed in San Miguel’s warm light. Our restaurant can become the classical and contemporary venue for your gathering, with its award-winning interior design and exquisite cuisine. Allow music to fill the air, as you share a blissful day with those dearest to you and honor love, family, friendship, and life.

Capacity min: 55 pax max: 80 pax
Coctel capacity 100 pax
Events at the restaurant can extend until 10 pm


Let us host your guests for your Destination Celebration in San Miguel

Be it your wedding, anniversary or any special occasion, Casa Arca is a perfect hotel for your guests, with our ideal location, beautiful suites, and great service.

We will be delighted to be part of such a special date. We invite you to request an open code for your guests. They will benefit with a preferential rate when booking with us using your code in our website.


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