La Alborada

One of San Miguel de Allende’s most celebrated festivities is La Alborada, or the day of Saint Michael, an archangel who fights against Lucifer.

12 Junio 2023
5 min

This “fight” is represented by a show of fireworks and pyrotechnics that lasts more than an hour or so on the eve of the Sunday following September 29th.  Celebrations in 2023 will occur from September 29th to Sunday, October 1st.

The celebration first started back in 1925 when factory workers of Fabrica La Aurora decided to resume this ancient tradition, and today, it has become such an essential pillar for San Miguel de Allende that it takes place in the Main Garden with the Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel as a witness.

The festivity begins at dawn on the Saturday nearest to September 29th in the town's main square, where various music bands bring joy to the attendees. Contingents of people arrive, carrying massive colored stars made of Chinese paper that evoke the Virgin of Light and carrying candles inside, symbolizing how they illuminated the processions when there was still no electricity.

At 4:00 AM, La Alborada begins with the ringing of the main bell marking the beginning of the fireworks show, which is offered to obtain the blessings of San Miguel Arcángel throughout the year. The fireworks show ends after 5:00 AM, followed by everyone singing  "Las Mañanitas" in honor of the patron, with which the triumph of San Miguel over Lucifer is marked.

La Alborada is one of the most anticipated events, and while fireworks can be enjoyed all night, the dawn pyrotechnics are the most spectacular. A festivity that we highly encourage all our community to plan a trip for as it is an experience unlike any other. However, we also recommend you have earplugs handy to make this a more enjoyable experience!


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